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Pangolin bio-mimetic simulators are anatomically correct replicas of the circulatory and digestive systems.

The simulator is aimed to bring the user as close as possible to the body's actual anatomy.

The simulators are presentable and resilient, as well as simple to use and display.

They are drawn according to the CTs of specific patients, CAD files or any required engineering geometry.

Our simulators have elastic and transparent anatomy that is fixed stably in a transparent case.

They allow procedures to be conducted through direct visual observation and perform well under x-ray scanners.


A simulation of the patient on the operating table allows you to confront the clinical reality awaiting you. The simulator sits stably within a transparent case, where you perform the implant. Examine and practice all stages of the transplant – before the procedure itself – thus reducing uncertainty and increasing rates of success.

Send us a CT file or anatomical sketch and we will take it from there.

The manufactured models have proven themselves in the First in Man situations, and are fully functional under x-ray scanners.

When simulators are needed for life-saving emergency procedures, we can supply them within several days.
If necessary, we can offer support anywhere in the world.


A simulator is a powerful tool. A tool that brings you face to face with future situations and gives you hands-on experience. The Pangolin simulator quickly and efficiently creates a plan suited to actual conditions. Implant through simulator is wholly mechanical, not virtual, and enables the injection of fluids to

simulate the circulatory system.

We manufacture the most durable simulators for implanting and observing your device, and testing both product and procedure.

The simulator is crucial for R&D, laboratory testing, brainstorming and presentations. Simulators can be provided fully assembled or as flexible anatomical segments.

Main features:

  • Varying levels of flexibility
  • Optical transparency/opacity
  • High durability
  • Fluid-tight
  • May incorporate different elements
  • Dry/wet procedure options


Training and demonstration

Endovascular simulators offer impressive presentations of medical products in their natural environment.
The simulators are flexible and transparent for realistic representation of blood vessels.
Simulation-based training is compelling and highly efficient.

The simulators are highly resilient; they invite users to touch and experiment with them.



Endovascular simulators are effective, eye-catching marketing tools that leave positive, long-lasting impressions.