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Dipping is a manufacturing technology for thin-walled or coating products. It is performed by immersing a core element several times in a dissolved polymer solution. This causes the formation of a thin shell around the core element, which is removed after the drying process. The result: a final product.

We plan and produce the emulsions, the hyper elastic simulations, dipping instruments, manufacturing and testing.
Send us a rough plan, and we will be happy to guide you throughout the process.

Dipping technologies

Manufacturing thin-walled elements of 10 microns or more, at levels of hardness starting from 5 Shore A.

The materials involved in dipping manufacturing are polymers, polyurethanes, silicon and latex. We purchase these materials from leading world suppliers that provide us with technical and regulatory support.
Every dipping process is hand tailored to the relevant specifications.
The polymer can be implemented as a shell, crust, coating, sleeve, pipe, membrane, balloon, shaped surfaces, etc. Nitinol/SST can be planted within the wall of the product.
Raw materials for production are at the medical or industrial grades.


Hyper elastic simulations

We support the developers of flexible components by conducting hyper-elastic simulations that enable precise planning of parts intended to withstand external forces and pressures.

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Stent coatings & Encapsulation.

Medical grade polymers.