“Absolute dedication, non-conventional thinking, and professionalism – these are the traits that make Pangolin a first choice for any medical device project, anywhere from concept to first-in-man. Highly recommended.”

“We worked with Pangolin with a number of companies with implanted and disposable products. Pangolin always gave us a solution. Where others got stuck, Pangolin didn't give up. Pangolin's greatest advantage is the ability to deliver answers very quickly to complicated problems at reasonable costs. They enabled us to go from a concept-on-paper to animal experiments within a few short weeks. The bottom line is that Pangolin offers an excellent solution to startups that need to move quickly and efficiently.”

“Pangolin designed for us several simulators for use in product development and physicians practice. The work was outstanding starting from the stage of identifying the need through to planning and realization of the product.

The results were impressive and the feedback from physicians showed that these simulators were precise anatomically and replicated, with great accuracy, the feeling during an actual implant.”

“Ohad is a talented engineer with excellent technical abilities and a deep understanding of a wide range of mechanical areas – but that's not all.  Ohad is extraordinarily creative and thinks outside the box. He is very curious and tries to learn new and try new things. Further, Ohad is an extremely nice guy, and is always there for you when you need him. In short, don't miss him.”

“When designing a new product it is always very important for me to be able to express myself with the other side being able to listen. It is not something many designers are capable of doing but Ohad is definitely able to and is very open about working together as a team. His creativity, cleverness and down to earth personality are just a bonus.”